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My most recent vocation is to teach advanced IT management subjects to MBA students in the field of technology and business. All the courses are at the leading edge and are unique both in terms of content and delivery. I taught the courses as a full time faculty member at the S P Jain School of Global Management in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney for 4 years ending 2013. S P Jain is ranked among the top 1% of business schools worldwide. I have previously taught courses at the graduate school level at five business schools in Asia.

My teaching is unique as I bring my global corporate experience of over 25 years in senior management roles in the IT and consulting business.

My passion is to help people and organizations  by being a consultant, or coach or educator.

 What are my credentials?

  • I have done a lot of things in my life both in the corporate sector and the social sector.
  • I worked in the business side of the IT sector for the most part of my life. I did roles in marketing, sales, management, large scale program management/deployment, consulting and strategic planning.
  • I have worked in 5 countries with people from 30 different nationalities.
  • I have done over 35 major consulting engagements with banks, telcos, IT vendors and Government agencies across Asia.
  • I have led 40 consulting engagements with students for corporates and startups.
  • I have spoken at 60 industry events across Asia including prestigious events like CIO Asia and Global Entrepolis.
  • I have been profiled on CNBC, BBC, and Bloomberg for my views on various IT industry issues on more than 50 occasions.
  • I have trained in Coaching and am an Executive coach.
  • I have worked as a counselor and helped people in mental distress through face to face, phone and online forums.
  • I am a board member and advisor to several startups in the technology sector in India and Singapore.
  • I am a charter member of TiE Singapore and undertake mentorship activities in Singapore.

What have I learnt in the process?

  • Over the years, I have learnt the value of becoming a “life-long deep learning”.
  • Generally, learning tries to integrate thought and action by using standard mental models.
  • Traditional learning attempts to be consistent with the prevailing worldview as much as possible.
  • But to really learn with depth, one needs to reach beyond superficial events and current circumstances.
  • My aim is to see the larger whole that interconnects with “what is” to the wholeness with a deeper sense of awareness.
  • The result is a change in responses to authentic and effective actions rather than just reactions.

 How can my learning & expertise help you?

Three things come naturally to me and they have helped me in my progress. It can help you as well.

  • First, I can think in abstract terms by integrating & interconnecting diverse disciplines.
  • Second, I can focus on issues with a laser-beam systems thinking approach.
  • And third, I think I strategically. What does that mean? Strategic thinking in its basic form is about asking the right questions, which in turn leads to other, equally good questions through a recursive process. Such a recursive process involves thinking in ever-narrowing spirals until solutions become self-evident.

If you think I can be of assistance in any way to you or to your organization, contact me.



  1. Samar Guhilot /

    Your profile is excellent. I must admit and admire your capabilities.
    Hope you will advise me…..and head me towards right direction.
    With best regards,

  2. Prof Subba is not only a great teacher, but also a great coach and mentor. He is a highly gifted person. In addition to his immense amount of rich knowledge and industry experience, he has the ability to direct a person in the right career path. Its difficult to find people who not only add value to the corporates and businesses but also make a difference in individuals’ lives by providing mentor-ship. When I asked him to help me make a right career choice, he gave a logical explanation as to why he thinks I should get in a particular industry. This has been of great help to me.

    Professor Subba, wishing you a very happy teachers’ day!!

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